• Professional equipment
• AISI 304 stainless steel plated case
• Speed reducer with oil immersed gears
• Italian make asynchronous motor
• Thermal protection
• Easy-removable “ENTERPRISE” mincing unit available in: Anodized aluminium / AISI 304 stainless steel
• Stainless steel self-sharpening draw-plates included
• Stainless steel tray and hopper
• Stainless steel grating roll plated with nikel electroless
• AISI 304 roll option is also available
• Stainless steel cheese bowl
• Safety Stainless steel protection grid placed at the bottom of the grating mouth
• Safety micro switch placed on the mouth inlet
• ABS pestle
• 24 volt controls
• CE approved
• Proudly Made in Italy
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Technical sheet

Power supply (Volt/Hz)230/50
Power (Kwatt/Hp)0,38 (0,50)
Grater (RPM)1400
Meat mincer (RPM)80
Standard plate (mm)ø6
Grater Mouth (mm)110x65
Meat mincer Mouth (mm)ø60
Grater production per hour (kg)30
Meat mincer production per hour (kg)15
Net weight single phase (kg)12,0
Gross weight single phase (Kg)13,0
Dimensions (mm)B. 280 D. 400 H. 360
Packaging dimensions (mm)B. 310 D. 410 H. 410

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